Buffalo Creek Gourmet Seasonings

A little seasoning and spice advice to make your Holidays extra nice.

There is nothing like the aroma of spices that fill our homes this time of year.  Many of us will be baking and cooking our favorite recipes. Some of these recipes call for the perfect blend of spices and herbs. Now is the time to check your spice inventory. For some, that may mean digging to the back of the cupboard for those spices that have been hiding in the deeps. Do a little see and smell test.  Replace spices that have a faded color, lost their aroma, or have a pungent or "off" smell. Once you have a fresh supply you will want to consider a few things when it comes to storing your spices. Like other foods, things like air, heat, light and humidity are enemies. To ensure your spices stay fresh longer we suggest: 1. store in a cool, dry and dark space. 2. do not store in the refrigerator or freezer. 3. promptly replace caps and make sure they are sealed tightly. 4. NEVER shake directly over steaming pots. One last note- some spices and herbs have a strong aroma even if they are sealed tightly. You will want to store these away from foods like grains, rice and even chocolate, as they can absorb the spice taste.

Happy cooking!