Buffalo Creek Gourmet Seasonings

Chef’s Secret  is truly an all purpose seasoning to be used in place of ordinary salt and pepper. The secret is the unique blend of many different spices, salts and peppers. Each spice brings its own distinct characteristic while combining with the other spices and your food’s natural juices and flavors. You’ll be surprised how Chef’s Secret tastes different on different foods.

 Spice o’ Life  contains NO SODIUM. It is specially blended for our friends who need to reduce or eliminate salt from their diet. It is a versatile all purpose seasoning. Notice the finely ground and carefully blended spices. This allows Spice ‘O Life to be used in cooking and right at your table. You will be so pleased with the flavor that you will never miss the salt.

Barbeque  gives all your food the great taste of southern style barbecue indoors or out. Buffalo Creek’s gourmet Barbeque seasoning is specially blended to mix with the meat’s natural juices. The seasoning penetrates the meat, so you get that zesty barbeque flavor with every bite. 

 Cajun Classic  is a robust seasoning that is not too hot. We blend a milder and darker colored cayenne pepper. For something out of the ordinary, give your food that unmistakable Cajun taste that was developed and then kept secret for generations in the bayou country of Louisiana. Cajun Classic is spicy and warm, but never overpowering.

Sizzlin’ Pepper  blends red, white and black peppers to produce a very hot, Cajun-style seasoning. If you like your food “hot and sassy”, reach for the Sizzlin’ Pepper. Only Buffalo Creek’s special recipe provides the gusto you desire, without harsh aftertaste. Sounds hot but maybe not hot enough for you?  Ask about our Blazin' Pepper. Made by request only.
Lemon Pepper  is unique marriage of lemon, pepper and other spices  that add a touch of sophistication to any meal.  Buffalo Creek has taken what has been a staple in gourmet kitchens around the world and added a touch of flair and practicality. Our gourmet Lemon Pepper includes a special balance of lemon, pepper and other spices. The toasted sesame seeds add a distinct taste and keep the seasoning flowing freely from the bottle.

Haute Caribbean brings the Caribbean home to your cooking. The provocative Caribbean flavor was unique to the islands, until travelers discovered, fell in love and introduced its taste to America. Haute Caribbean seasoning is a marvelous, hot and sweet seasoning with an unmistakable gourmet Caribbean flavor.

Garlic Pepper contains NO SODIUM. The superb combination of pepper and garlic with special spices make it a great compliment for all types of meats and vegetables. Enjoy a smooth garlic pepper flavor without a harsh aftertaste.
BC Rib Rub  has a distinct taste with just the right amount of sweet and heat. It is the prefect blend of ingredients to bring out the meats natural flavors. Use it as a dry rub or give your favorite sauce a kick. For ribs and other meats, try it on vegetables too.

Plain Margarita Salt   is more than just for decoration our high quality coarse flake salt adds balance and a delicious coarse texture.

 Margarita Salt With Lime  captures the spirit and excitement of a Mexican fiesta with a flavor that is truly one to savor.  Our unique combination of gourmet salts and lime powders will add an enjoyable taste to your Margarita that is sure to change the way you feel about adding ordinary salt to your cocktail glass.      

Buffalo Creek Bloody Mary Seasoning is the long awaited ingredient that perfects the already popular cocktail.  The unique blend of carefully selected spices will add ZEST to even the most ordinary flavored Bloody Mary pre-mix.  Mix by the glass or by the pitcher. Also use as a glass rimmer to enhance your drink experience.